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  • GenChem No Planaria

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    If you have planaria in your tank, you will know what a pain they are living in your aquarium. If you're not sure what they look like, they're white flattish worms that tend to be about 10mm long and eat pretty much everything (apart from plants). Planaria scavenge food and as a result are impossible to get rid of. They will also compete with shrimp, and if allowed will attack them or their eggs. If you feed your shrimp food, planaria will get there first which is what makes them so hard to get rid of. In the past it has always been difficult treating a shrimp tank with anything, particularly a wormer which gets rid of Planaria. Shrimp are very sensitive and as a result can easily be effected. Genchem No Planaria eradicates planaria without effecting shrimp.

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  • Glass Garten Shrimp Baby

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    Shrimp Baby Food is a powdered rearing food for ornamental shrimp that is rich in protein, containing zooplankton, natural vitamins, minerals and high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, providing young shrimp with everything they need for healthy growth and delivering sufficient power and energy. The content of 300 ppm astaxanthin forms especially in red, yellow and orange shrimp, the color pigments cells from the beginning good, so they may show up in a blaze of color.
    Newly hatched shrimp larvae need an ample range of different nutrients after their first molt (after hatching until the fi rst molt they do not eat anything as they get their nutrients from their yolk sac).

    Shrimp Baby Food contains all essential proteins and amino acids that are so important for healthy growth. Highly digestible carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) deliver the necessary energy for molting. Carefully chosen algae, vegetables and herbs supply the baby shrimps with micronutrients. Green-lipped mussels are well-known for their high content of glykosaminoglykans, which form a very valuable component of the shrimp carapace. The multivitamin mixture we have also added provides your shrimps with all the vitamins they need and prevents deficiencies. Vital minerals and trace elements are provided by a concentrate of red coralline algae containing over 50 different minerals and trace elements.

    Shrimp Baby Food is a full extrudate. This manufacturing method guarantees high digestibility. All the nutrients contained in this food are highly bioavailable. The powdery micro granules form a fine filmlike layer on all the surfaces in the tank. This is necessary as baby shrimp are quite sessile in the beginning, which means that they usually remain in the place where they hatched and that the food has to come to them. If it doesn’t, they risk starvation.

    Shrimp Baby Food has been manufactured with the utmost care, it is a fully extruded and 100% conglomerated powdered food. Contains 300 ppm of astaxanthin for more brilliant colours.

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  • Glass Garten Shrimp Dinner

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    Shrimp Dinner is a well-balanced daily main food for your ornamental shrimp containing all the important nutrients, vital substances and natural vitamins they need for healthy development, successful moults, growth, brilliant colours and high reproductive rates. Our special recipe and the way we manufacture our shrimp foods guarantee that your shrimp still find this food tasty even after some time in the water, it is thus completely eaten.
    The ingredients of Shrimp Dinner are 100% natural.

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  • Salty Shrimp Herbal & Bacter

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    Herbal & Bacter is suitable for regular use and for probiotic water conditioning at water change, as well as a curative for problems, and it is also great for inoculating new tanks. The bacteria this product contains are ideal as starter bacteria and/or for weekly renewal. Herbal & Bacter is also great for enhancing dry fish and shrimp food: simply spray/drip onto the feed and let dry for a short time.

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  • Salty Shrimp Leaves & Bark

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    A detailed overview of the active substances in Leaves & Bark

    Water-soluble flavonoids are actually plant colorants, which play an important role in the plant’s metabolism. They protect it from damage by microorganisms and insects. In the aquarium water, flavonoids may have an antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Humic acids
    Humic acids, dark in color, form during the degradation of organic material. They have a highly beneficial effect on a multitude of vital functions in shrimp and fish, but they can also lower the pH of the water, bind to toxic substances and increase the overall well-being of the animals in the aquarium.

    Water-soluble tannins are tanning agents produced by plants, and they are found in large amounts in Indian almond leaves, for example. They can reduce the bacterial count in the water considerably.

    Saponins / triterpenoids
    Saponins / triterpenoids are active substances that are present in many medicinal plants. They can have a boosting effect on the immune system, are anti-inflammatory, dissolve mucus and stimulate the production of hormones. Moreover, they can increase the uptake of other substances in the intestine.

    What are the effects of Leaves & Bark?

    Against bacteria
    The active substances contained in the Indian almond leaves and the barks used in the production of Leaves & Bark inhibit bacteria and may even kill them off. This effect is mainly caused by flavonoids (like for example quercetin and kaempferol).

    Against fungi
    The beneficial substances present in Indian almond leaves and tree barks are moreover known to inhibit fungi. Indian almond leaves and various barks have been in use in the aquarium hobby for many years, as a prevention and as a cure against fungal infections.

    Against inflammations
    Leaves & Bark can be used to stop inflammatory processes thanks to a whole range of different highly active substances: flavonoids and tannins, but also triterpenoids /saponins.

    Against free radicals
    Tannins may have a strong anti-oxidative effect, they can be used to catch the highly reactive free radicals, atoms or molecules that would otherwise do great damage to the organism. Tannins are highly effective in binding to them, thus rendering free radicals harmless.

    For the mucous membranes
    Tannins have a slight adstringent effect as they react with proteins in mucous membranes, rendering them less pervasive for microorganisms and parasites — a great prevention for white spot disease / ick in fish and many bacterial infections.

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