Söchting Oxydator W

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– Oxygen dissolved immediately in water
– Noiseless

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Söchting Oxydators breakdown hydrogen peroxide into pure oxygen and water (2 H2O2—->2 H20 + O2) using a special catalyst. The Söchting Oxydator adds oxygen continuously and slowly to your aquarium. The additional oxygen helps provide oxygen for aquatic critters and the beneficial bacteria in your tank.


Söchting Oxydators W – Recommended For aquariums, tanks and ponds up to 4000L. You can also use multiple Oxydators for larger tanks. 2 catalyst are included. An instruction sheet is included. Oxydator solution is not included.


Using a patented method, Söchting Oxydators produce normal and activated oxygen in the aquarium by means of Oxydator solution and special ceramic catalysts. The activated oxygen decomposes particularly putrid matters and toxicants and, thus essentially improves the well-being of fish and plants. Pure oxygen created by the Söchting Oxydator is mostly immediately dissolved in the water, so that there are hardly any bubbles produced. The oxygen supply is absolutely noiseless, expelling of CO2 and swirling of ground elements is avoided.

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When refill is required, the oxydator will float to the surface.

Lasts between 1 month (warm weather) up to 4 months (cold weather) per refill.

Per refill uses: 1000ml


Specifications: Diameter 15cm, height 18cm


Please use with oxydator refill solution.

W: 3000-4000L


Pre-order. Please Contact Us For Further Details To Buy This Product


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