Söchting Oxydator Mini Noiseless Aquarium alternative Air Pump

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– With 500ml solution refill bundle package
– Oxygen dissolved immediately in water
– Noiseless

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Söchting Oxydators breakdown hydrogen peroxide into pure oxygen and water (2 H2O2—->2 H20 + O2) using a special catalyst. The Söchting Oxydator adds oxygen continuously and slowly to your aquarium. The additional oxygen helps provide oxygen for aquatic critters and the beneficial bacteria in your tank.

The Söchting Oxydators Mini is about the size of you thumb. It is deisnge for aquaria up to about 30 litres. you can use additional Oxydators Mini for larger capacity. 2 Little pieces of catalyst (in total less than the size half of 1 regular catalyst) and 2 x75 ml containers of 4.9% Oxydator solution are included. An instruction sheet is included.

All Sochting Oxydators are suitable for use with planted and tank setups with CO2.

Per refill uses: 28ml

Specifications: Diameter 3.5cm, height 6cm

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Socting Oxydator Mini, Socting Oxydator Mini + 500ml Refill Bundle Deal


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