Aquarium Accessories Chihiros Magnet Cleaner Algae Scraper

-High Quality & Design Special.

-Ideal for use on the corner of the glass aquarium, please do not use it for acrylic aquarium, otherwise it may scratching the acrylic surface.

-For mini aquarium.

Use Manual :

-Put the plastic magnet inside of the tank and hold on stick it to the surface of the aquarium, and then put another external magnet on to the outside wall.

-Move the magnet to clean the aquarium.

Caution :

Keep children away from this super magnet.


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Mini :

Inside part : Square shape : 2x2cm, 1cm thick.

Outer part : Round shape : 2.8cm diameter. 1.3cm thick.

For 6-8mm thick glass aquarium.

Nano :

Inside part : 4 x 2 cm, 1 cm thick.

Outer part : Square shape : 4 x 2 cm, 1.3 cm thick.

For 8-10 mm thick glass aquarium.

For wooden magnet cleaner, please click the products names:

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 cm


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