Chihiros Bio Ball 1L Aquarium Filter Media Freshwater Planted Shrimp

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Maximize the housing capacity for aerobic bacteria

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Chihiros filter media can accelerates the diffusion rate of nitrifying bacteria, giving abundant connectivity nano and micro nano pores which provide optimum surface area. Peak ammonia and nitrite loads are more easily reduced due to high concentration of nitrifying bacteria. The filter media comes with variety of trace elements which dissolve slowly to promote metabolism of aquatic animals. Neutral pH, apply to fresh and marine water, and all type of aquatic animals including fishes and shrimps.
Eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite, promote high biological activity purification and high surface area for bacteria colonisation
-suggest to change part of filter medium in six months to one year. Never clean or change all the filter medium together in one operation and never clean too rigorously. The bacteria cultures must not be completely destroyed, otherwise re-colonisation will be retarded. Multiply usage accordingly to your filter volume or aquarium volume.
1L per pack
-Helps in promoting nitrosomonas&nitrobacter a.k.a nitrifying bacteria growth
-Porrosive will ensure for the water flow to be running smoothly
-Easy to use and easy to wash
-Does not affect water Ph
-Non-chemical substances


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