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  • 3D Shrimp Net

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    Specially designed net for catching shrimps due to its durable net quality which is so user-friendly to hobbyist when transferring shrimps over to another tank. It's durable net quality enable the net shape to remain 3D in water which reduces stress to shrimps, unlike common net which mostly will change shape resulting catching livestock difficult when deployed into water.

    It's extendable holder properties (16-50cm) proven user-friendly for almost all tank size.

    RM 25.00

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  • Cooling Fan

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    Another budget-able option to reduce temperature instead of chillers, suits well for small tank. Hanging type which enable you to install it at the side of aquarium.

    RM 75.00RM 99.00

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  • Feeding Plate


    Simple and elegant glass plate designed to control shrimps feeding spot. Use this to reduce food scattering over your tank and to remove uneaten food easily if overfeeding. It is best to use with glass feeding tube directing shrimps food into the glass plate.

    RM 8.00

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  • Maintenance Tools Holder


    All kind of maintenance tools such as tweezers, scissors, etc can be neatly hang on this small holder. Tools holder can be installed on tank wall.

    RM 20.00

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  • Nylon String

    Nylon string is a special nylon thread to tie and fix plants on stones or driftwood in an aquarium. Durable material does not deteriorate in the water. Can be used to tie plants such as moss, riccia, big stem plants, etc.

    RM 5.00

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  • PH meter


    PH meter is used to measure and monitor the pH parameter of aquarium water. Value measured indicates the acidity or alkalinity of water in range of 0-14pH. Different species of shrimps and fishes sustain in different pH environment. For example, most of the shrimps and fishes prefer pH 7-8 while some prefer slightly acidic around pH 5.5-7.

    Another crucial maintenance tool beside TDS meter especially for water monitoring. Most of the hobbyist will have at least one unit.

    RM 55.00

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  • PH pen


    PH pen gives you digital value of PH value.

    For neocaridina shrimps, maintain ph within 6.8-7.5
    For caridina shrimps, maintain ph within 5.5-6.5
    For sulawesi shrimps, maintain ph within 7.5-8.5

    RM 65.00 RM 55.00

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  • Qanvee NaNo-Q Algae Scraper


    Sleek and good quality design, Qanvee brings you the NaNo-Q algae scraper to ease your tank maintenance work.


    – NEW aluminium-magnesium alloy handle

    – High strength engineering plastic tool bit,

    – Precision stainless steel blade

    Size: The head width is 64mm, the standard configuration length is 41CM

    Function: Suitable for freshwater adn seawater fish tank, used for sand smothing and algae scraping

    1 x algae scrapper (41cm)

    10 x blade

    RM 33.00

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  • Sera Ammonium/Ammonia Test (NH4/3)


    The SERA ammonium/ammonia-Test tells you the overall concentration of ammonium and ammonia. The actual concentration of toxic free ammonia is easy to calculate from the measured level and the pH value by means of the enclosed calculation chart.

    RM 61.00

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  • Sera GH Test


    Makes it easy to monitor the total hardness. Measuring GH enable you to monitor the general hardness level in your tank water, justifying the suitability of your water towards fishes and shrimps. Some livestock prefer low GH while others prefer high GH. BW GH up, Mosura Mineral Ultra Plus & Mosura TDS up can help to increase GH to your desired level while Mosura Softwater can lower down GH level.

    RM 34.00

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  • Sera KH Test


    Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water.

    RM 34.00 RM 30.00

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  • Sera Nitrate NO3 Test


    For regularly checking the nitrate level in aquarium water.

    RM 57.00

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