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  • Boraras Brigittae

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    Boraras Brigittae, cute nano fish that fit perfectly in any planted tank.

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  • Threadfin ‘Iriatherina’ Rainbow fish (1 pair)

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    Described from ‘Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia’ which corresponds to modern day Merauke Regency, Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea. It’s distributed along a relatively short section of New Guinea’s southern coast, between Merauke and the mouth of the Fly River across the border in Papua New Guinea, and in the latter watershed has been recorded over 500 km inland. Populations are also known from Lakes Bosset and Kala.

    In Australia records exist from numerous river basins of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland state, plus the Northern Territory to the west, including the Arafura wetland in Arnhem Land. The fish exhibit some differences in colour pattern and fin morphology depending on locality, but wild examples are virtually unknown in the aquarium hobby with all those seen on sale produced on a commercial basis.


    Shows a preference for slow-moving streams, freshwater swamps, lagoons, and billabongs containing clear water and abundant macrophytes. It’s most commonly-found in heavily-vegetated, marginal habitats less than 1.5 m in depth and is frequently associated with floating lily pads. A temperature range of 22 – 32°C and pH of 5.2 – 7.5 have been recorded in field measurements.

    Females and juveniles have been observed to group together in schools while sexually-active males form temporary territories in open water from which they display to other males and ripe females. Spawning takes place during warmer months of the year.

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